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MC^2 Multicultural Conference 2012

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This year's theme: "Standing Out & Fitting In: Navigating MIT's Cultural Landscape".

The event is free and open to all MIT students. This year, MC^2 will be 2 days long (Friday-Saturday) with students spending the night at the luxurious MIT Endicott House.

February: Friday 24th-5pm to Saturday 25th-5pm
MIT's Endicott House Admission: Free!

The mission of the Multicultural Conference (MC2) is to bring students together across race, ethnicity, gender, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation, and other aspects of cultural identity. The conference offers a provocative day of workshops, speakers, community building, action, and reflection centered on issues of culture, identity, and social justice at MIT and beyond.

During the conference we will facilitate an honest, open, and interactive dialogue about the cultural climate at MIT, learn from people's experiences, and develop plans to cultivate a campus environment that promotes equality, not simply tolerance. As MIT's mission statement clearly promotes a diverse campus community, it is crucial students to discuss the role of diversity and inclusion in education and campus life.

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