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Heads Up! Week of March 11, 2013



MIT START – The opporunity to give back to your hometown community

Are you interested in inspiring young high school students to come to MIT? Do you want to give back to MIT and your hometown community? The new MIT START (Students Talking About Research & Technology) program, aims to connect current MIT undergrads with high school students to increase their interests and knowledge of this incredible institution. If you are interested in motivating some kids, fill out this non-binding short form and read below!
START Program Details – As an MIT undergraduate, you will visit high schools in your area and share your knowledge of MIT and college life with high school students. Not sure what to say? No problem! We will provide you with a training session to walk you through the process. However, the main purpose of these talks is to inspire these high school students through your own experience.
You will be responsible for setting up dates, times, and locations within the schools you will visit. The Office of Admissions will also provide you with materials (literature, response cards, etc.).
Training Session Date:  March 14, 2013
Time:  TBD
Where:  TBD

For additional information, send us an e-mail.


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MIT Awards Convocation Nomination

The nomination cycle for the 2013 MIT Awards Convocation will run from Tuesday, February 5th to Friday, March 15th.

Dates:  February 5 – March 15, 2013

Deadline:  March 15, 2013


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Science Extravanza Volunteers

Science Extravanza is an all day, hands-on experience that gives middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in a diverse set of workshops and lab experiments. Through their participation in the Science Extravaganza, students will be introduced to the many science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields available. They will interact with MIT students and have the opportunity to tour MIT's world renowned research facilities. We would like as many volunteers as possible for set-up, activities, clean-up, etc.

Date:  April 6, 2013
Time:  10am – 3pm
Where:  DuPont

For additional information, contact Lilian L. Guevera by e-mail.


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Google Opportunities – Apply Today!

Google is excited to announce their summer 2013 opportunities for Freshmen and Sophomores. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and Google encourages students to apply early. 

Chrome Academy – Chrome Academy is a week long program at our Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  Program participants will learn how to conceptualize and build mobile and Chrome applications.

Deadline:  March 17, 2012

Android Camp – is a week long program at our Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA which features interactive and collaborative Android curriculum.  Participants will learn how to build Android applications from scratch!

Deadline:  March 17, 2012

For additional information about Google or MIT, contact Liz Arnold at 617-858-6861 or by e-mail.


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Eloranta Fellowship (6K Grant)

What would you do with $6,000? Apply for an Eloranta Fellowship by April 1st  for a chance to receive 6k for research conducted during the summer of 2013!

Dates:  Summer 2013

Deadline:  April 1, 2013

For additional information, contact Shendi Xu (Staff Associate), Amgen Scholars U.S. Program Office at 617-253-2620 or by e-mail.


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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Announces Diversity Programs for Class of 2014 and 2015

The BCG Bridge to Consulting program consists of an intensive two-day workshop that is open to students who will be graduating as part of the Class of 2014 and 2015. Funding for Hotel, travel, transportation and meal cost for program is provided by BCG.

First round interviews for the Externship (students from the class of 2015 are eligible) will take place during the workshop as part of the Bridge to Consulting event. The BCG Externship program consists of a week non-paid in-office experience where students will work with and will be a member of a BCG case team. At the end of the week externship, students will have a final-round interview for a summer internship position in a participating BCG US office. The Externship will take place in August 2013; exact dates will vary by office.

Begins:  May 30, 2013 – Noon
Ends:  May 31, 2013 – 4pm
Where:  BCG Office in Chicago, IL

Deadline:  April 26, 2013

For further information, please contact Emily Shields at 617-947-7381 or by e-mail


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