Who is OME

Ronald Heisser

Ronald received his degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Course 2) and Philosophy (Course 24-1) in 2016.

Tell me about your first encounter with MIT’s OME Office?

My first encounter with the MIT OME office was a call from Carolina Lopez-Trevino. Or maybe it was when I did WISE. I may have had a session with them.

What were your initial impressions?

“OK, this is the minority office at this school. I guess I’ll be in contact with them at times as I’m a minority.”

Did those impressions change over time?

Yes! I did Interphase which defined the beginning of MIT and thus the trajectory of my whole career here! I’ve done TSR and I’ve been a TA for Interphase. I’ve really benefitted from remaining in contact with them, giving to the OME and being given back to from the OME. I am very fortunate to have been a student within the OME.

What programs did you take part in, and how were they helpful?

Interphase: Gave me a friend group. Gave me the in to MIT programs, allowed me to network early and gain an edge (EDGE), as well as get rid of some of my bad habits before starting school…

TSR: Made me better at teaching/explaining concepts to people and reinforces topics for me!

What was your most memorable or valuable experience with OME?

Probably Interphase. And probably talking to OME staff after interphase, it taught me the value of maintaining a relationship with others.

If you had to describe OME with one word, what would it be?


What would you want others to know about OME?

I’d say that the OME is really a contingent part of MIT. Technically it doesn’t have to exist, at least in the way it does. Compare this with, well, the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is really around pretty much just for the people it serves. This is a “pure” kind of resource which probably won’t exist later in life. Truly awesome! I consider myself fortunate that I have this resource in my life that can enhance the MIT experience so much.

What are the OME’s best features/resources?

Programs that connect you with others.

If you had to pick one book or comic to take with you to a deserted island, what would it be?

Maybe The Republic. Probably The Bible. Other than being The Good Book, it might be the best read around!