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Become a Seminar XL Facilitator

Enjoy teaching and interacting with a diverse population of students? Join our team of Seminar XL Facilitators!

Seminar XL is a structured study group class that provides MIT undergraduates, especially first-year students, a supportive venue for collective problem-solving and discussion. Students take a Seminar XL class concurrently with a course they are interested in deepeing their knowledge in. For example, a student registered for 18.01 is elegible to take a Seminar XL in 18.01. Participants are expected to come prepare to the biweekly 90 minutes long class with questions and/or topics they would like to further explore. Class grading is based on participation and attendance and thus does not require any grading. Class schedule is flexible and based on both the facilitator and participants availability. 

Seminar XL faciliators are committed, responsible and caring students who enjoy teaching and working with a diverse population of students. Other Faciliator eligibilities include:

  • MIT graduate student or MIT undergraduate who has earned an A the course interested in teaching
  • Commit to work minimum of 4 hours a week for the semester (except for Institute Holidays)
  • Have excellent communication and teaching skills
  • Have excellent levels of responsibility, reliability and punctuality
  • Exhibit appropriate and professional behavior at all times

Salary is $17/hr (undergraduates) and $19/hr (graduate students), with a performance-based raise opportunity if returning for another semester. NOTE: We are not able to employ international or non-registered graduate students.


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