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Frequently Asked Questions about the TSR^2

What is the Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2)?

Founded by students and run by students, the OME's TSR^2 is a peer-tutoring resource for MIT's talented scholars. In operation for over 30 years, the TSR^2 is designed to deliver academic assistance to MIT's undergraduate students in most subjects that students request. Academically advanced, upperclassmen and graduate students serve as teaching assistants (TAs).

What services are provided by the Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2)?

Individualized one-on-one appointments,  P-Set nights, and exam and final review sessions.

I'm an academically advanced, upperclassmen or graduate student, and I'm interested in becoming a TA for the TSR^2. How do I apply? How much does it pay?

Applications are available online.  After completing and submitting your application with a current résumé, you will be interviewed by the TSR^2 administrative staff. If your application and interview are successful, you will earn $16/hour, if an undergraduate student, or $18/hour, if a graduate student.

Other than being academically in good standing, what are the prerequisites for becoming a TA?

In addition to being a current MIT undergraduate or graduate in good academic standing, you must have earned an "A" in whatever coursework you propose to TA and must have successfully completed an interview with the OME administrative staff.  In addition, applicants must be available up to 6 hours per week for either P-Set nights or individual one-on-one appointments.

I'm interested in getting services through the TSR^2. What should I do?

You should attend the appropriate P-Set night for the subject in which you seek help, or you should schedule an individual one-on-one appointment. P-Set nights take place in the TSR^2 (Room 16-159) on Mondays - Thursdays between 6pm-10pm. Students can drop in during P-Set Nights and/or request one-on-one appointments as needed here.