Who is OME

EMAP Reapplication for Mentors


IACME partners who participated in the program as mentors in 2017-2018 and would like to continue in the E-Mentor Advocate Partnership (EMAP) program in 2018-2019, please reapply below.

RETURNING Mentors re-application process requires:

  • Filling out streamlined re-application form .
  • Completing Background checks (only if current background check on EMAP file is three or more years old)
  • Completing online RETURNING mentor training

Since your participation agreement is on file, you will not need to submit another form.

E-MAP is a professional development program. The mentors are professionals who will help protégés strategize, develop professionally, and network.  Mentors help protégés develop overall professional skills that will help them in any profession.  Although we try to match protégés based on exact professional interests and major, this is not the purpose of the match.


What to be expected:

  • Career guidance & advice
  • Network opportunities
  • Industry insight
  • Professional relationship

What NOT to be expected:

  • Financial support
  • Job offer
  • Non-platonic relationship



Applicant Information


Please rate the value of each of the following from 1 (most interested) to 9 (least interested).

I want to match with a protégé who is interested in:


Please rank the method in which you prefer to communicate, 1 being most preferred and 3 being least preferred: