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Instructors are typically MIT lecturers or professors, graduate students, or recent MIT graduates.  They are responsible for crafting their own curricula and teaching methods to foster mastery of both their subject matter (Chemistry, Calculus, Physics or Communications/Writing) and requisite analytical skills that prepare their students to thrive at MIT. Utilizing lecture and small-group discussion formats, the Instructors introduce content that prepares students to smoothly transition to the pace, pressure, and pedagogical style of MIT. Instructors are also expected to create and grade assignments and all other assessments, attend and contribute to biweekly academic staff meetings, prepare mid-term and final performance evaluations, and monitor the content and structure of the workshops that are led by the Residential Facilitators in their subject.


Residential Facilitators (RFAs)

Residential Facilitators (RFAs) are typically MIT undergraduate students or recent MIT graduates, many of whom were part of the Interphase EDGE program themselves. All have demonstrated that they have mastered the subject that they teach during the program (Chemistry, Calculus, Physics or Communications/Writing), and that they are a person of character, integrity, and social maturity.

Residential Facilitators lead weekly recitations designed to foster analytical problem-solving skills while cultivating a deeper understanding of important concepts taught by instructors in each class subject. Residential Facilitators may be required to attend lectures taught by the course instructor with whom they are paired.  They are also expected to have office hours each week, grade problem sets and other assignments, and attend weekly staff meetings.

 In addition to their academic responsibilities, Residential Facilitators also serve as residential counselors, providing program-wide supervision in the dormitory while also mentoring a small cluster of students throughout the summer. They work closely with the lead facilitator and must communicate effectively to ensure that all students within the Interphase EDGE program are supported.


Student Program Assistant (SPA)

The Student Program Assistant provides logistical support for all program activities during the summer.  This includes coordinating student arrivals and departures, staff meetings, room assignments, program events, and day trips. The Student Program Assistant reports to the Interphase EDGE program lead, with whom they have weekly meetings.