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The MAP E-Mentoring Initiative is open to rising MIT Juniors and Seniors who want to receive one-on-one career guidance from professionals in their field.  The yearlong program aims to assist students in the transition from academia to the professional environment, and will begin this fall.  Mentors participating are from companies such as Draper, BP, Intel, Cisco, and Raytheon.


NEW APPLICATIONS ONLY. To reapply please use this form.

IACME partners and MIT alumni who would like to participate in the E-Mentor Advocate Partnership (E-MAP) program should apply below.

E-MAP is a professional development program. The mentors are professionals who will help protégés strategize, develop professionally, and network.  Mentors help protégés develop overall professional skills that will help them in any profession.  Although we try to match protégés based on exact professional interests and major, this is not the purpose of the match.

A completed application includes:

  • Submission of webform
  • Submission of participation agreement
  • Completed background check process (through MIT SEMO)
  • Submission of signed photo release form
    • email to Megan Wong [mlwong@mit.edu] OR
    • fax to 617-253-9899 OR
    • mail to MIT OME, 77 Mass. Ave, 4-107, Cambridge, MA 02139

Note: All new mentors must complete the background check process, handled by MIT's Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO). This process will begin after May 15. Applicants will be contacted directly by MIT SEMO.


What to be expected:

  • Career guidance & advice
  • Network opportunities
  • Industry insight
  • Professional relationship

What NOT to be expected:

  • Financial support
  • Job offer
  • Non-platonic relationship

Application deadline EXTENDED to May 22, 2017 for mentors.


Applicant Information

Demographic Information

Please indicate how you identify yourself by checking one or more.

Employment Information



Please rate the value of each of the following from 1 (most interested) to 9 (least interested).

I want to match with a protégé who is interested in:


Please rank the method in which you prefer to communicate, 1 being most preferred and 3 being least preferred:


Please list one (1) reference who you have known for at least one (1) year.

A reference can be your current supervisor, if you choose. Relatives or family members cannot be used as references.  Please give an email address and a phone number.  References will be contacted by either phone or email.

The information furnished to us by your reference will remain strictly confidential.


Rising juniors and seniors who would like to reapply to the E-Mentor Advocate Partnership (E-MAP) program should apply below. Since your participation agreement is on file, you will not need to submit another form.

Applicant Information

Organization Information

Please rank by preference from 1 to 8 (1 being most interested and 8 being least interested).

 Would you prefer to be paired with a mentor who is a member of the Black Alumni/ae of MIT (BAMIT)?


Please rate the value of each of these benefits connected to mentoring in the order of their importance to you (1 being the most important and 9 being the least important). As a protégé, I am interested in:


Please rank your preferred method of communication (1 being most preferred and 3 being least preferred).

The nomination cycle for the 2013 MIT Awards Convocation will run from Tuesday, February 5th to Friday, March 15th

Dates:  February 5 – March 15, 2013
Deadline:  Friday, March 15th
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