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The Isabelle de Courtivron Prizes are awarded annually to MIT students for writings on topics related to immigrant, diaspora, bicultural, bilingual and/or multi-racial experiences. Kym Ragusa, a co-director of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science's Center for Bilingual/Bicultural Studies (CB/BS), says this year’s “many stellar competition entries” included essays on hyphenated identities, second-generation experiences of family and community, and photography during the Vietnam War.


In celebration of your graduation, you and your family are cordially invited to attend the 2012 Minority Graduating Students’ Luncheon!


Friday, June 8th

Immediately following Commencement

TGIF with 3M

Join us for the last TGIF of the semester!!

when: Friday, May 4th from 4-6pm
where: Bush Room (10-105)
what: raffle prizes, music, games, and more!
who: YOU!

3M representatives will attend this event so come out and learn more about this great company!

See you all there!


Join us for the Social Hour with Lincoln Lab! We will have raffle prizes, great food, music, and more!


**Don't forget to RSVP!**


MIT’s La Union Chicana por Aztlan (LUChA) and MIT’s Minority Business Association (MMBA) would like to invite you to a very special event. On Friday, April 13th at 6 PM in 4-237, LUChA and MMBA will be hosting students from the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) to come speak on their experiences and struggles as undocumented students.

10-week Internship


The context will be a 10-week internship that will rotate throughout the year. We are seeking students with diverse skills and backgrounds, who will be assigned to manage and complete tasks, including:

The "Negotiating Skills" is an interactive workshop that will provide you with techniques to develop the "long-term" skill of negotiating. This event is for those who would like to learn the basics of negotiating or enhance their current skill level.

This event is for Seniors.

The seating for this event is limited to 25 students.

Join us for next Wednesday's Social Hour! Representatives from P&G will attend this event.



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