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Graduate Student Mixer with Laureates & Leaders Students
Wendesday, February 7, 2018
Twenty Chimneys (W20-306)

Come mix and mingle with Laureates & Leaders students - underrepresented minority MIT undergrads interested in pursuing a PhD or MD/PhD in STEM

All courses welcome!

Let's kick off the semester with our first General Body Meeting!

Wednesday, February 7

Join us for some fun (and good food!) at the Student Mixer to meet some graduate students in MIT!


*Attendance is mandatory for all*

Please complete the short survey below. This will help us improve programming for upcoming semesters!

Deadline: Friday, December 22 @ 11:59pm

Please email laureatesleaders@mit.edu with any questions!

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GBM & Graduate Student Mixer, 9/6/17 *
Graduate School Admissions Panel, 9/13/17 *
Writing Workshop with Communication Lab, 9/20/17 *
Faculty Mixer, 10/11/17 *
Faculty Research Talk: Kristala Prather, 10/18/17 *
Public Speaking with Tyrene Jones, 11/7/17 *
Community Building Day with DAPER, 11/18/17 *
Study Break Trivia, 12/13/17 *
MCAT Prep Classes, 10/22/17-12/3/17 *

The Standard: Peer Mentor Application

Application open December 11, 2017 - February 12, 2018

Thank you for your interest in serving as a mentor to a member of The Standard cohort! Please complete the application below in its entirety.
Please note: your information will not be shared and will only be accessed by The Standard's staff.


EMAP Spring Study Break

Join us for a study break!
We'll play some games and enjoy delicious comfort food!

Thursday, February 15

RSVP by Tuesday, February 13 @ 5pm!

Seminar XL Facilitators and TSR^2 Teaching Assistants

Return Form - Spring 2019

*Please note that this in only a form of intent. Completion of this form does not automatically guarantee an FA/TA position for next semester.

Please write subjects in order of teaching preference.
Please write subjects in order of facilitating preference.
Please specify why you're not interested in returning.
Optional Recommendation
Please recommend a fellow student for Seminar XL. If the recommended student is hired for a Seminar XL FA position, you will receive a $50 TechCash or Amazon gift card.

You Are Not a Checkbox: The True Importance of Diversity in Tech

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