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Employment and Internship Positions with IACME Partners Survey

Dear Student:

From time to time, our IACME partners have asked us for data regarding the placement of our students.  In order to produce accurate information, we are asking all of our students to inform the OME when they have accepted internships, employment positions, etc. from our IACME partners. 

Please take a moment to fill out the web form by clicking on this link to provide the requested information by no later than Friday, September 1, 2017.

Laureates & Leaders Senior Celebration

What Can I Do with a PhD?

Join us for an engaging panel with MIT faculty and industry professionals who possess doctoral degrees to learn more about career options within academia and industry!

Dr. Robert Redwine, Physics, MIT
Dr. Tomás Lozano-Pérez, EECS, MIT
Dr. Amy Duwel '99, Draper
Dr. Winnie Torres-Ordonez '86, BP


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