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OME Tutorial Services Room

For nearly 30 years, the OME TSR has provided tutoring to all undergraduates in any subject requested by utilizing academically advanced upper-class and graduate students to deliver tutoring in any subject requested.

TSR is now closed...We will re-open in the spring!

Tutorial Services Room - Fall 2014
Final Exam Review Schedule:

PHYSICS- (8.01, 8.012, 8.02, 8.022)
Sunday, December 14th 

BIOLOGY- (7.012, 7.016)
Monday, December 15th 

CALCULUS- (18.01, 18.02A, 18.02)
Tuesday, December 16th 

CHEMISTRY- (5.111, 5.112)
Wednesday, December 17th 

TSR has moved from building 12 to 16-159!

P-Set Nights start on Sunday, September 7, 2014.

Fall 2014: P-Set Nights Schedule
Sundays –     Physics (8.01L, 8.01, 8.012, 8.02, 8.022)
Mondays –     Biology (7.012, 7.016)
Tuesdays –    Calculus (18.01, 18.02, 18.03)
Wednesdays –  Chemistry (5.111, 5.112, 5.12)
Thursdays –   Biology (7.012, 7.016)

Hours (Sunday-Thursday): 7pm-11pm

Last day of P-Set Night was Tuesday, December 9th. TSR is now closed for P-Set Nights. We will re-open in the spring.


The OME’s Tutorial Services Room (TSR) offers free tutoring services to interested undergraduate students of MIT. Organized and managed by students, the TSR provides one-on-one tutoring sessions, question and answer sessions, as well as test and final reviews — services ideal for students in search of individual academic assistance.
TSR staff maintain a database of available tutors in a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on core curriculum courses and popular electives. Students seeking a tutor must place a request with the TSR staff—either in person or on line—preferably at least 48 hours before the desired appointment. Students are then matched with a tutor for future appointments. All tutors are either graduate students or upper-class undergraduates who have demonstrated proficiency in a particular subject area and are selected through an interview process. In general, all tutoring sessions take place in the TSR, room 16-159, around the corner from the OME. Question and answer sessions (which resemble TA office hours) are frequently offered in response to student demand. These sessions, as well as test reviews and finals reviews, are usually held in the classrooms adjacent to the TSR.
Students who take advantage of tutoring services tend to improve their academic performance as well as their self-esteem. Tutoring enables students to clarify materials covered in class, complete assignments more quickly, and prepare for exams more thoroughly. For many students, tutoring is also an opportunity to develop better study skills. The tutors often experience benefits as well, ranging from greater competency within a subject, improved communication skills, a more interesting résumé, and valuable insights into the teaching profession.

Encouraging Success

For more than two decades, the TSR has been serving minority students with a dedication to making its support services and resources accessible, convenient, and useful. Its staff welcomes feedback and suggestions from both students and tutors.