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Seminar XL LE Registration for students (After add date)

Reminders before you register:

  • Students can only join Seminar XL LE for a class they are concurrently taking that semester.
  • Seminar XL LE differs from Seminar XL in that it is added after ADD DATE and first year students can earn up to 1 unit of credit per class.
  • First-Year Students who register for Seminar XL LE can exceed the credit limit up to 60 units for the fall semester. Regular credit limit of 57 units applies during the spring semester.
  • If First-Year Students register for Seminar XL LE, they can receive up to 1 unit of credit per Seminar XL LE class.
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors can take a Seminar XL LE class by registering as Listeners. Listeners are still required to register and attend class.
  • OME staff manage Seminar XL LE group formations.
  • Group meeting times and days are decided based on the group's availability.
  • If a student needs to drop Seminar XL LE, they must notify the OME and officially drop Seminar XL with the Registrar’s Office by Drop Date: April 26, 2018




Please read all the content of the page before starting the registration process.

Follow the steps below in order to successfully register for Seminar XL LE (After ADD DATE). *Keep in mind that Seminar XL groups are formed based on student demand and Facilitator availability, and thus not all courses will be offered in a semester*

Step I. Submit the online Registration Form

  1. Once you submit your registration form and are placed in a Seminar XL LE group, you will receive an email asking for your availability.
  2. Respond to emails within 24 hours of receipt.
  3. Once you have received confirmation that you have been placed in a Seminar XL LE group, proceed to Step II.

Step II.  "Officially" register for Seminar XL by submitting the Change of Registration Form (Add/Drop form) DO NOT USE A LATE ADD/DROP FORM!

  1. First-Year Student: Fill in “SP.110” as Subject Number for Fall, "SP.120" for the Spring (1 Unit for each Seminar XL LE class) using the regular add/drop form DO NOT USE A LATE ADD/DROP FORM. Non-first-year student: Fill in “SP.110” (Fall) or "SP.120 (Spring) as Subject Number using the regular add/drop form DO NOT USE A LATE ADD/DROP FORM. Register as Listener (If units are required, fill in "1") ALL STUDENTS, INCLUDING LISTENERS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER WITH THE REGISTRAR.
  2. An OME staff member will approve your ADD.
  3. Make sure to complete the ADD process fully. After 2-3 days check your registration to confirm.

*Students who do not complete the registration process above cannot attend Seminar XL LE classes*



First Day of Seminar XL LE class

The first day of class will be determined and communicated to you by OME staff or your facilitator. Attendance to all sessions is paramount for passing Seminar XL LE.



Please contact Seminar XL LE staff at