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The Standard: Alumni Mentor Application

The Standard - Alumni Mentor Application

The Standard is a holistic support program designed to aid in the academic, personal, and professional success of MIT's undergraduate men of color. Alumni mentors are professionals who will help students strategize, develop professionally, and network. Mentors help students develop overall professional skills that will help them in any profession. Although we try to make matches based on exact professional interests/major, this is not the overall purpose of the match.

A completed application includes:

  • Submission of application webform
  • Completion of required background check process (through MIT's Security and Emergency Management Office [SEMO])

Note: All new mentors must complete the background check process, handled by MIT's Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO). This process will begin in Summer 2018. Applicants will be contacted directly by MIT SEMO.

Applicant Information
Legal first name is used as a component of the mandatory background check completed by the MIT Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO).
Legal last name is used as a component of the mandatory background check completed by the MIT Security and Emergency Management Office (SEMO).

Please rate the value of each of the following from 1 (most interested) to 9 (least interested).

I want to match with a student who is interested in:

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Character Reference

Please list the contact information for (1) character reference, who will be contacted via email.

Participation Agreement

The Standard Mentor Participation Agreement

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Office of Minority Education (OME) appreciates your willingness to participate as a Mentor in The Standard. OME promotes respect and responsibility for students, mentors, IACME partners, staff and other stakeholders. As such, it is crucial that a safe and respectful environment is established for both students and mentors.

All Standard participants are expected to read, adhere to and sign below acknowledging their commitment to fulfilling program expectations. By participating in The Standard, I commit to:

Program Expectations
1. Complete a required background check (you will receive communication directly from MIT's Security Management Office with steps to complete the background check)
2. Connecting with my assigned student once every month, from October 2018-May 2019. Being proactive with scheduling monthly interactions and also promptly responding to communication
3. Submitting monthly online check-in forms, from October 2018-May 2019
4. Engaging Office of Minority Education program staff as needed
5. Submitting End of Year survey
6. Abstaining from conduct considered improper and inappropriate. The prohibited conduct that is listed below is not an exhaustive list, as we cannot, with foresight, determine inappropriate conduct under every circumstance. Moreover, we do not limit the right to discharge participants for conduct that is not listed below.

  • Knowingly disseminate or transmit content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, libelous, pornographic or invasive of another’s privacy
  • Knowingly disseminate or transmit content that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any other party
  • Knowingly disseminate or transmit any unauthorized advertising, promotional materials and goods, chain letters, spam, junk mail, or any other type of mass unsolicited email to others who have not agreed to receive such materials
  • Impersonate another person or entity
  • Stalk or harass another mentor or student
  • Knowingly disseminate, transmit or make otherwise available any materials that contain software viruses, computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware
  • Collect or store personal data about other students or mentors
  • Knowingly disseminate or transmit illegal and illegally-obtained materials
  • Fraternize outside of the professional mentor and protégé relationship
  • Share confidential information

By signing below, I agree to fulfill The Standard’s program expectations listed above.