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- December '15 / January '16


Raúl Boquín - Mathemathics

MIT Public Service

His nominator writes:

Raúl is committed to giving a voice to those who do not have one or have trouble finding one at MIT. He is part of committees like the Institute Community and Equity Officer (ICEO) Planning group, which has planned community dialogues for all of MIT. This planning group is determined to bring the MIT community closer by sharing intimate experiences and stories about MIT. As part of the Latino Cultural Center (LCC) executive board, Raúl has been determined to strengthen the Latino community by providing more opportunities to showcase and talk about Latino culture at MIT, including planning events such as the Community Dinner and Cena A Las Seis. Raúl is also passionate about diversity and inclusion at MIT as well as beyond the campus. Currently, Raúl is involved in the feedback process of the recommendation list being drafted by the Black Students Union Political Action Committee. Raúl hopes to use his resources in the LCC and the ICEO to encourage response and discussion on this activism. Finally, he is also involved in the planning of the multicultural conference MC^2, a conference in February meant to empower people to speak and listen with determination.

Raúl has also been part of public service projects designed to help give a voice to those even outside MIT. He is part of a program called BEAM (Bridge to Educate in Advanced Mathematics) that helps minorities get more excited about mathematics. As part of the BEAM program, Raúl took the high school and middle school students to Yale Splash, were invited to the Yale campus to take courses taught by Yale undergraduates. Raúl is also part of the community service program of Quest Scholar Chapter that helps middle school students in subjects like math, science, and English.