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Distinguished Peers – September '13


Suan Tuang '14 - Chemistry

MIT Spirit


His nominator writes:

Tuang has played a major role in strengthening the sense of community at MIT, especially in both his living group and his major, through his roles as the presidents of both iHouse and ClubChem last year. iHouse is a residential undergraduate community on campus that focuses on international development. As the president, Tuang spearheaded a solid 5-year plan for iHouse, and iHouse developed into a more independent living group with increased visibility on campus compared to previous years. Tuang would also often go out of his way to improve interpersonal relationships within iHouse such that members would feel a better sense of belonging to their living community. Under his leadership, there is a more authentic sense of community and a burgeoning of international development projects.

Motivated by a desire to give back to the Chemistry department that has helped him greatly in his MIT career, Tuang also helped revive and has served as the president of ClubChem, the undergraduate student association for the MIT Chemistry Department. He went above and beyond the normal duties of a student group president, by not only organizing events to promote interactions between students and faculty members in the department, but also taking initiative to connect MIT students to the public as well. His active contributions to the department since the spring semester of freshman year and his devoted role as a TA for 5.07 (he was evaluated 7.0/7.0 for his teaching last semester!) and 5.112 made him a well-deserved recipient for the MIT Department of Chemistry Sophomore Achievement Award in 2012. His active involvement in the leadership of these two student organizations led to him receiving the Golden Beaver award from the MIT Division of Student Life last Spring.

Tuang fully exemplifies the spirit of MIT in making the world a better place. Tuang has demonstrated remarkable dedication to serve and to create positive changes within the communities he is a part of, and has shown incredible resilience when leading both organizations through difficult times. In fact, Suan Tuang seems to be driven by a desire to be a positive force in the lives of everyone around him, and this motivation of his has truly been a consistent inspiration for those around him.