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EMAP Application for Protégés

NEW APPLICATIONS ONLY. To reapply please use this form.

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in becoming E-Mentor Advocate Partnership (E-MAP) protégés should apply below.

A completed application includes:

  • Submission of webform
  • Submission of participation agreement
  • Submission of signed photo release form
    • email to Megan Wong [mlwong@mit.edu] OR
    • fax to 617-253-9899 OR
    • drop off to the OME, 4-107

E-MAP is a professional development program. The mentors are professionals who will help you strategize, develop professionally, and network.  They are in the program to help you develop overall professional skills that will help you in any profession.  Although we try to match you based on your exact professional interests and major, this is not the purpose of the match.


What to be expected:

  • Career guidance & advice
  • Network opportunities
  • Industry insight
  • Professional relationship

What NOT to be expected:

  • Financial support
  • Job offer
  • Non-platonic relationship


Applicant Information

Examples can include: create a resume, secure an internship, secure a full-time position, meet an expert in your field of interest, explore graduate school options, etc.

Demographic Information

Organization Information

Please rank by preference from 1 to 8 (1 being most interested and 8 being least interested).


Please rate the value of each of these benefits connected to mentoring in the order of their importance to you (1 being the most important and 9 being the least important). As a protégé, I am interested in:


Please rank your preferred method of communication (1 being most preferred and 3 being least preferred).