Who is OME

- March '16


Héctor J. Vázquez - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Performing Arts / Athletic Achievements

His nominator writes:

Since his first week at MIT, Héctor has focused all of his time and effort on both academics and sports. A former swimmer in high school, one of his main goals was to become part of one of the varsity teams at MIT. Not long after arriving, he discovered the MIT crew team. After practicing and training for two hours every evening, he was the second of this year’s walk-ons to qualify for the team. However, his athletic ambitions didn’t stop there. As Héctor began to practice with the rowing team, he also joined the Simmon's intramural tennis team and became the team's captain. Since the tennis games were also in the evening, Héctor would finish his crew practice and soon after be at the tennis courts playing with the team. As captain, he also coordinated the team member’s attendance to all of the games and led the team to win this season’s first place. In addition, and staying true to his Puerto Rican heritage, Héctor wanted to continue pursuing one of his passions: Salsa. He joined MIT’s Casino Rueda group, where he practices Salsa every Sunday night with the intermediate group, and hopes to one day join the advanced team. In spite of the time commitment and strenuous physical demands, Héctor manages to find a balance between athletics, academic priorities and making time to rest. He looks forward to improving as a rower, a dancer in Casino Rueda and to maintain a good academic standing which will allow him to pursue graduate studies here at MIT.