OME Virtual 'Drop In' Hours

Beginning November 4, the OME will host weekly virtual “Drop-In” Hours via zoom on Wednesdays 4:00—6:00pm EST ( Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm EST  (  During these Drop-In Hours, you can speak with one of the OME staff members to:

  • Ask questions related to OME programs and services
  • Talk about other MIT-related issues (e.g., academic issues, concerns about classes, instructor concerns, etc.)
  • Talk about non-MIT issues (i.e., personal, professional, social matters)
  • Share some good news, suggest ideas that you would like OME to consider or just to catch up with the OME staff

You can also schedule an appointment: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm EST by mailing us at or emailing an OME team member directly

Who is OME

Committees and Councils

The OME supports MIT’s academic mission of providing the best possible education for all students and serving the nation’s need to have underrepresented or underserved students achieve success in Science and Engineering fields.

In addition, OME also strives to develop leaders who will enhance campus life, mentor fellow students, and enrich the employment landscape in all sectors. To that end, OME serves as both a partner and a leader in committees and councils that exist for the benefit of MIT students.