Programs & Services

Academic Excellence

The OME focuses on Academic Excellence for all students. We have created several highly-successful programs to help students succeed academically at MIT and beyond. The Signature Academic Excellence programs are listed below:

Interphase EDGE

A two-year scholar enrichment program which includes a seven-week summer session as well as programming during the academic year to help ease the transition to MIT and to build community among new students.

Mentor Advocate Partnership

A volunteer program designed to complement the current advisor system by helping first-year students to build relationships with staff and faculty; to monitor their academic performance and personal well-being; to offer encouragement; and to provide a proactive support network.

Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2)

For nearly 30 years, the OME TSR^2 has provided academic support and resources to talented scholars in virtually any subject requested (with a focus on First Year GIR's) by utilizing academically advanced upper-class and graduate students, called teaching assistants (TAs), to deliver one-on-one and group tutoring services.