OME Virtual 'Drop In' Hours

Beginning November 4, the OME will host weekly virtual “Drop-In” Hours via zoom on Wednesdays 4:00—6:00pm EST ( Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm EST  (  During these Drop-In Hours, you can speak with one of the OME staff members to:

  • Ask questions related to OME programs and services
  • Talk about other MIT-related issues (e.g., academic issues, concerns about classes, instructor concerns, etc.)
  • Talk about non-MIT issues (i.e., personal, professional, social matters)
  • Share some good news, suggest ideas that you would like OME to consider or just to catch up with the OME staff

You can also schedule an appointment: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm EST by mailing us at or emailing an OME team member directly

Programs & Services

Exam Reviews


We will continue to offer exam reviews virtually. TSR^2 staff will send emails with upcoming exam reviews through the end of the term. Exam review dates will be posted in our TSR^2 calendar and will include ZOOM links. Check your email and calendar periodically.

All TSR^2-hosted virtual interactions require compliance of MIT's online coduct policies described here.


Exam Reviews are offered throughout the semester in most GIR subjects.These exam reviews are scheduled 24-48 hours before the exam itself, and are led by the TSR^2 Facilitators. Like p-set nights, the exam review sessions are drop-in and all undergraduate students are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

The exam reviews are advertised through email, the TSR^2 calendar, and flyers at the TSR^2 so be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming review sessions!

Head to the TSR^2 (16-159) on the advertised days and times if you are interested in attending one of our exam reviews.