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One-on-one Appointments

FALL 2021 UPDATE: The TSR2 is using a new platform for scheduling 1:1 appointments.

QUESTIONS? Please email

All TSR2-hosted virtual interactions require compliance with MIT's online conduct policies described here.

Out of respect for our facilitators' time, please do not miss appointments. After the second unexcused absense, you will be unable to make another one-on-one appointment for the term.

The TSR2 provides one-on-one appointments for a variety of MIT courses, with a focus on first-year GIRs. One-on-one appointments are easily requested via the Nimbus app (iOS or Android) and take place during the week or weekend via Zoom or in public spaces at MIT (classrooms, library, etc.). Each student can request up to 2 hours of one-on-one appointments for a particular subject each week. Students who schedule one-on-one appointments but fail to show up can be place on hold from using the service that term. If you cannot attend your appointment, make sure to contact us as soon as possible at

After you download the Nimbus app, please register and setup your profile (picture and bio are optional).

Go through the Tutorial provided by the Nimbus App. If you don’t remember how to do a certain action, you can always review it there.

Tap the Search button on your tab and search for the course you want (e.g. 8.01 L, found at the end of the 8.01 selections). If the course does not exist in the Nimbus database, select Request a Course. Fill out the necessary information to complete your request (make sure it is accurate!). Note: If you request a course, it will not be available until there is a facilitator available.

In your Search Courses screen, tap on the search bar to find a facilitator. You should see a list of FAs available for the course, along with their hours and response time. Tap on their profile to find out more about them. To book, select Book on a facilitator’s profile. You will see a calendar with red dots underneath dates showing their availability. Select your desired date and tap Schedule. Available timeslots will be represented by a solid bar. Tap a timeslot, drag until your desired time using the downwards arrow, and tap Continue to proceed. To view locations available for the FA, tap the arrow on the bottom of the screen and select your desired location. Online is also a location option! Tap on the Continue button at the bottom of your screen. On the Information screen, fill out the necessary fields which will help your facilitator prepare for their one-on-one. Tap Continue to proceed. Request and complete your booking by tapping Request at the bottom of your screen.Once your session has been requested, you have an option to add the one-on-one to your calendar. Tap Add to Calendar to do so.

If you ever wish to reschedule your booking, you may do so without cancelling and re-booking. To reschedule, complete the following steps: Select your session and tap the Reschedule button beside your its date. Once the calendar screen is open, choose a different date to reschedule your session for. Tap Continue to proceed. Choose the timeslot you wish to reschedule for. Tap Reschedule to request your session to be rescheduled by your facilitator. Note: If you reschedule your lesson it will have to be re-approved by your facilitator in order for the new booking time to apply. TSR2 has a 24-hour cancellation policy for all 1-on-1s. This policy applies both to students and facilitators. If you are facing issues with a facilitator abusing this policy, report it to

To start a session, select it under Upcoming and tap Start Online on the bottom of your screen to access the Zoom link directly on your phone. You can also access the session link on your computer, via The session link can be accessed up to 15 minutes before the official starting time.


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