OME Virtual 'Drop In' Hours

Beginning November 4, the OME will host weekly virtual “Drop-In” Hours via zoom on Wednesdays 4:00—6:00pm EST ( Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm EST  (  During these Drop-In Hours, you can speak with one of the OME staff members to:

  • Ask questions related to OME programs and services
  • Talk about other MIT-related issues (e.g., academic issues, concerns about classes, instructor concerns, etc.)
  • Talk about non-MIT issues (i.e., personal, professional, social matters)
  • Share some good news, suggest ideas that you would like OME to consider or just to catch up with the OME staff

You can also schedule an appointment: Monday-Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm EST by mailing us at or emailing an OME team member directly

Programs & Services

Purchase Request - L&L Virtual Interview Incidentals

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Starting in August 2020, Laureates and Leaders members who would like to purchase items to make the online interview process easier can do so using this form. Requests can cover items like webcams, microphones, appropriate interview clothing, or other supplies needed to facilitate the application and interview process. We highly recommend finidng what you need from, although if you need to purchase from another site we may be able to accommodate that. Please submit a direct link to the exact product you want as well as any identifying information (size, price, color, etc.). One form can be submitted with multiple links if they are all from the same website/supplier. Each student can spend up to $100 across multiple purchases. If your request exceeds that limit or is unusual please check with Lilen before submitting the form.

Please note - requests will be handled on a rolling basis but no orders will be placed after 2pm on Fridays, so please ensure you will have enough time between ordering for your items to reach you. 


Our preferred vendor is Amazon - all orders from other sites will cause a delay in your order being placed