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Seminar XL - Student Registration Form

Please complete the following registration form, as the first step to register for Seminar XL.

Seminar XL groups will be assigned by the OME staff on a first-come, first-served basis and based on Facilitator availability.

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Policy agreement

The following Seminar XL expectations are explained in greater detail in the Syllabus which students are expected to read/understand/ print and bring to the first session. Student acknowledges that he/she:

  • Has printed/read and accepts the Seminar XL Syllabus/Policies, which describe the expectations from participants
  • Commits himself/herself to observing policies and to contributing to the fulfillment of the Seminar XL objectives
  • If a student needs to drop Seminar XL, he/she must notify OME
  • Understands that if he/she does not fulfill the Seminar XL requirements as delineated by its policies, or if in any way student’s participation is counterproductive to the goals of Seminar XL, at any time student may be asked to stop attending the Seminar XL meetings; and if that happens after Drop Date, student will receive an “F” as a final grade

Click to view and print Syllabus/Policies (Note: The syllabus will open in another window and won't affect the webform.)