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Who is OME

Chantal Acacio

A member of the 2014 Interphase Cohort, Chantal is a Course 15, Management, major.

Tell me about your first encounter with MIT’s OME Office?
After accepting my offer as an IP14 scholar, the OME’s office became a second home. My first encounter with many of the OME faculty was calming. They referred to me by my first name and proceeded to ask me about my time on campus so far. Everyone was unrealistically helpful and made sure any of my questions were answered.

What were your initial impressions?
I just finished high school, so meeting adults initially intimidated me. Everyone was dressed appropriately for the work environment, but casual enough that I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Even though I entered the office with intentions of talking to one person, everyone I walked by made sure they acknowledge me with a kind “hello.”

Did those impressions change over time?
Not at all! If anything, the OME and I just built a better friendship. Now I casually stop by the office just to enjoy some small talk with the staff.

What programs did you take part in, and how were they helpful?
The OME gave me the opportunity to become an Interphase Scholar and help prepare for the difficulty of MIT my freshman year. And even after finishing that program, I was able to benefit from Seminar XL.

What was your most memorable or valuable experience with OME?
Definitely meeting Dean Crayton at a social mixer last year. We quickly became good friends and now I look to her as an mentor.

If you had to describe OME with one word, what would it be?

What would you want others to know about OME?
No matter what you’re going through or whatever questions you have, the OME has your best interest at heart.

What are the OME’s best features/resources?
I don’t think I should answer this by saying, “snacks.” Instead, I will say their “hospitality.”

If you had to pick one book or comic to take with you to a deserted island, what would it be?