Who is OME

- April '16

Itoro Atakpa - Mechanical Engineering

Public Service

Her nominator writes:

Itoro is a brilliant speaker for the advocacy of underrepresented minorities at MIT, where her inspiring voice and leadership has touched several organizations. As part of the Black Student Union (BSU), she played a role in the development of the BSU-Political Action Committee List of Recommendations and has been an essential part of the BSU and its movements. In addition, as co-chair of the Black Women’s Alliance (BWA), Itoro coordinated the seven events that took place in March during Black Women’s Week. Through these events meant to celebrate black women both as a whole and at MIT, Itoro promoted sisterhood and invoked important discussion about our community. She also spoke at MIT’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration with a beautiful speech about empowerment and the importance of student activism. Finally, Itoro performed spoken word at "Pulse", a BSU cultural show for the MIT community, where she spoke about race and pride, receiving much praise and love for her inspiring words. Itoro, without a doubt, is a voice for MIT. She is a voice for people who are too afraid or too overwhelmed to speak and is driven to fight for the things that she knows people care about.