Who is OME

- Dec '14 / Jan '15

Diana Valero - Mechanical Engineering

MIT Public Service

Her nominator writes:  

Diana Valero is a current senior from Houston, Texas. She is a great friend, an excellent student, and a very humble person. Her caring nature extends to the entire Latino community on campus through her work with the Latino Cultural Center (LCC).

The Latino Cultural Center unifies six Latino organizations on campus, helps them coordinate various events throughout the year, and promotes Latino culture at the Institute. It creates a strong and supportive environment at MIT for Latino students. Diana has played a pivotal role on the LCC executive board as the Director of the Latino Leaders Assembly. The Latino Leaders Assembly is made up of representatives from six Latino organizations on campus that meets bi-weekly to discuss and plan events for the community. Communication with six organizations is extremely difficult, but Diana managed to make it seem easy. She planned and executed very efficient meetings with the Latino leaders, which resulted in successful planning of events among all six organizations. The time and patience she has dedicated to the LCC is very inspiring and is what helps make the relationship among the organizations what it is today.

Diana is also the kind of person that goes above and beyond what is asked of her and her commitment to the Latino community on campus is phenomenal. I strongly urge you to recognize her as a Distinguished Peer for Public Service.