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- Dec '16 / Jan '17

Kristina Hill - Global Initiative and/or Experience

Her nominator writes:

Kristina has demonstrated a desire to have a broad range of global experiences as early as her first year at MIT. As a freshman, Kristina began to learn a new language by immersing herself in a country whose language she didn't speak. She stayed with a Chinese host family over IAP learning as much as she could about Chinese language and culture. Kristina doesn’t only study global languages and cultures; she engages with them and experiences them in their full reality. Over the IAP of her sophomore year, Kristina spent time teaching mathematics and English to high school students in Mexico. She evaluated the curriculum in Algebra, Trigonometry and Mathematical Modeling and engaged with teachers to develop innovative ways to inspire students to pursue their interests in STEM. That translated into integrating technology into her student’s learning. Over the course of her stay, students learned how to plot points, graph and solve equations using Python, a programming language that they may otherwise have never been exposed to. Additionally, Kristina is a participant in the Language Conversation Exchange program at MIT where she discusses with people across the Institute about their experiences with research, culture shock and more. She makes newcomers to MIT, and to the United States, feel just that much more welcome. Kristina seeks to investigate the world, understand different perspectives, engage with diverse audiences, and give back to communities. In the future Kristina hopes to pursue a career that transcends borders and develops wide-reaching solutions to the concerns of societies around the world.