Who is OME

- December '17

Jennifer Madiedo - Public Service

Her nominator writes:

Jennifer has dedicated much of her spare time at MIT to advancing the minority experience and community on campus. When she first got to MIT, she became involved with the Office of Minority Education (OME) through the Interphase EDGE program, first as a student and later as a TA. She volunteers to speak at panels for incoming minority students and gives advice to first year OME students considering going into her department (EECS). She has become a mentor to younger students and is an advocate for the office. She is currently involved in the committee for planning the Interphase 50th Anniversary. She also works closely with the Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) and is currently involved in the planning of their annual Multi-Cultural Conference (MC^2). Her biggest passion however, is the Latino Cultural Center (LCC). First as director of publicity, and currently as vice president, she works tirelessly to support and improve the Latinx experience. It is not rare for her to spend at least one day each weekend either running or participating in an event put on my the LCC or one of the 5 groups it supports. If she’s not in class, you’re likely to find her in the LCC office or in the SPXCE doing work or preparing for an event. She puts so much into these communities because she has seen the incredible difference it makes for the students involved, and deserves to be recognized for it.