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– April '13

Margo Batie '14 - Physics

MIT Spirit


Her nominator writes:

Margo Batie is a tenacious student who worked diligently to make her way from Crenshaw High, in South Central Los Angeles, to MIT. As a current major in both course 8 and course 22, Margo excels in her academics. She is a recipient of the American Physical Society Fellowship and she spent last summer working with the highly reputable Fermilab in Illinois. In addition to her commitment to academic excellence, Margo is involved in various community groups. This past year, she served as Executive Secretary of the Black Students’ Union, maintaining order and planning multiple events to encourage the growth of the black community at MIT and in neighboring schools. Her commitment to strengthening the connections within the black community is contagious, evidenced by more and more people becoming involved in BSU activities this year. She is expanding her involvement next year to serve as the Secretary for the National Society for Black Engineers.

Margo does not limit her activity to scholastic ventures; she has been recently elected as the President of the Women’s Rugby Club, after joining the team last year and quickly becoming a key player (as she did during her two years on the Women’s Varsity Basketball Team). Margo brings an unmatched passion and dedication that she spreads to her rugby teammates. Margo is an exemplary MIT student who exudes the passion and determination on which MIT is based.