Who is OME

- February 2014




Roseannie Langomas '15 - Materials Science and Engineering

MIT - Public Service

Her Nominator Writes:

Roseannie Langomas is one of the most inspirational people at MIT I have ever met. Her dedication to her managerial positions, classes and boards has led to her becoming a celebrity within the Latino community. Roseannie has worked tirelessly to foster the community in the LCC, New House, and Spanish House as Office Manager, Desk Manager, and President respectively by engineering the way operations are done. She has led to great improvements and has set an excellent precedent for future leaders. Even with all her emails and responsibilities, she still manages to make time for others and excel in classes. I am proud to say, that Roseannie has definitely earned this accomplishment of a Distinguished Peer, and I hope to be like her when I grow up.