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- January '18

Tori Finney - MIT Spirit

Her nominator writes:

Tori has competed on the MIT Club Cheerleading Team since her freshman year at MIT and has become an integral part of the team's success in competition. This season she is serving as one of the team captains and plans to use her position to promote MIT spirit around campus. On and off of the mat, Tori always has a bright smile and positive attitude. Outside of cheerleading, Tori is also a participant in BWA and the BSU Political Action Committee. As an Interphase scholar and facilitator in 2016, she welcomed new students to the Institute and got them excited about studying at MIT. She went above and beyond in her position as a UROP in the Graybiel Lab and planned a study break so that the other undergrads in the lab could get to know each other. Tori is an enthusiastic participant in many activities around campus; she is committed to strengthening the MIT community in everything that she does!