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- September '17

Olivia Gautier - Prestigious Fellows

Her nominator writes:

As a double major in brain and cognitive sciences and biological engineering, Olivia Gautier not only has brains, but also studies them. She aspires to a career as a scientist where she can unravel the complex molecular underpinnings of currently untreatable neurological disorders. Olivia has already started down that path with groundbreaking work she performed at MGH that has been accepted for publication by leading journals like Science, as well as novel research she conducted through the prestigious BP-ENDURE program at Washington University in St. Louis that she will present at the annual Society for Neuroscience conference. Her dedication to science has also resulted in her receipt of the Hans Lukas Teuber Award for Outstanding Academics from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department. Alongside her commitment to research, Olivia has remained an involved member of the OME and larger MIT community ever since she fell in love with the Institute through the MITES and Interphase programs. Whether it's diligently serving as sorority house manager of Delta Phi Epsilon or compassionately teaching as a TSR^2 biology teaching assistant, Olivia is always there whether you need to debug a Western blot or just need a friend to talk to.