Who is OME

- September '18

Max Freitas - MIT Spirit

His nominator writes:
Max is the epitome of MIT spirit. Though the past three years have been tough, he's kept his head held high while always prioritizing the community around him. He's the type of guy that gets back up and still loves MIT wholeheartedly, even when MIT is the one that may knock him down. Walking alongside him at MIT, others have seen this spark of love for the Institute, for the people, and for the community as a whole in everything he does. From yelling out the Beaver Call at sports games, to attending (and even running as an amazing 2019 Class Treasurer!) community events, to simply sitting down with individuals to hear their stories, Max has proven to all of us that it is possible to find hope and joy at MIT. In fact, when asked why he remained class treasurer throughout junior and now senior year, all Max had to say was “if I am able to work for my class to enjoy the dark days at this school, I will do all I can.” Max is most deserving of this award – one of resilience, joy, and hope at MIT.