Facilitator Training Overall Feedback

Please complete this overall feedback form after Facilitator Training ends on Tues, June 19th but before the deadline of Fri, June 23rd.  Be as candid and specific as you are able. Your feedback is very valuable and important to us. You will help determine how future Interphase EDGE Facilitator Training weeks are planned, so we really want to know your thoughts!

The questions on this form are about your overall thoughts on the 1 1/2 weeks of facilitator training.

5-Strongly Agree4-Agree3-Neutral2-Disagree1-Strongly Disagree
Covered useful material *
Practical to Interphase EDGE *
Well organized *
Presented at the right level *
Effective activities *
Useful visual aids and handouts *
Presenters' knowledge *
Presenters' presentation style *
Presenters covered material clearly *
Presenters responded well to questions *
Length/Duration of sessions *
Spacing of sessions during the day *
Spacing of sessions during the 1 1/2 weeks *
Timing of breaks *
Overall spacing of workshop topics *
Progression of workshop topics *
5-Strongly Agree4-Agree3-Neutral2-Disagree1-Strongly Disagree
The amount of time spent with instructors for class preparation was correct. *
The instructors were organized and prepared to discuss course content/workload. *
The communications from the instructor regarding his/her expectations were clear. *
I have a better understanding of my role in the classroom after spending time with instructors. *
The two days spent preparing the course with instructors was beneficial. *
Overall, how would you evaluate these 1 1/2 weeks of Interphase EDGE Facilitator Training? *