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Attend our info session to learn more about the MAP E-Mentoring Initiative. Develop your career by connecting with a professional currently working in your field of interest with mentors from BP, Cisco, Draper, Intel, Lockheed, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, NASA, Raytheon & more.


There are certain things that are appropriate and other things that are not appropriate to do or say in the workplace.  It is important that you know the difference if you want to be successful in your field of interest.  In this workshop, you will learn the difference from experts. Representatives from Draper, Raytheon and INROADS will facilitate the workshop.

First 10 students who RSVP and participate will get techcash cards!



IACME partners who participated in the program as mentors in 2017-2018 and would like to continue in the E-Mentor Advocate Partnership (EMAP) program in 2018-2019, please reapply below.

RETURNING Mentors re-application process requires:

Applicant Information


Please rate the value of each of the following from 1 (most interested) to 9 (least interested).

I want to match with a protégé who is interested in:


Please rank the method in which you prefer to communicate, 1 being most preferred and 3 being least preferred:

Please enter your first and last name, Kerberos ID and state your affiliation with MIT (student, staff or faculty).


Roseannie Langomas' 15

MIT- Public Service

Her Nominator Writes:

MAP E-Mentoring application for Fall 2014 is open!

Application closes April 15, 2014 for proteges.

Application closes May 30, 2014 for mentors.



Juniors or seniors who would like to apply  for the MAP E-Mentoring Initiative click here


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