TSR^2 Lounge

TSR Studying

TSR^2 Lounge

The TSR^2 study lounge, located in 16-159, has been a gathering place for many students over the years. 

The lounge space is equipped with the following amenities:

- Round tables and chairs

- Sofa

- Individual Study Cubicles

- White Board and Markers

- Microwave

- Refrigerator

- Water Cooler

TSR Study Room

TSR^2 Lounge is open throughout the academic year to all students who have requested access to the space.

Click here to request access to 16-159! 


- All students must sign in and out of the TSR^2 Kiosk upon arrival and departure

- Clean up after yourself and dispose of all trash you accumulate before leaving the room

- Keep shoes off furniture

- Don't make too much noise as classes are in session nearby

- Be respectful of the other students using the space

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