TSR^2 Facilitated Study Group Request Form


Submit this form to request a Facilitated Study Group. Please note that placement in a study group is dependent on facilitator availability and student interest. A quorum of 3 students is required.

Are you a participant in any mandatory activity that meets between 5pm-7pm (ie: athletics, clubs, etc.)?

Select Subject for Facilitated Study Group

Please note that subjects offered vary and are dependent on facilitator availability and student interest.

Are you interested in requesting an alternate subject if the above is not available?
Policy agreement

You (the student) acknowledge that you read and accept the following FSG policies:

  • You have interest in joining a Facilitated Study Group and will contribute as a active participant in the group
  • Commit to attending study sessions regularly
  • Understand that your spot in the study group can be offered to another student if you miss four (4) consecutive study sessions
  • You will notify your facilitator and/or TSR^2 staff if you are no longer interested in participating in the study group
I understand/accept the policies outlined above.