Congratulations to Amelia Dogan, Recipient of the Distinguished Peer Award for Public Service!

December 8, 2021

This past year, Amelia, with the MIT Asian American Initiative (AAI), has been a demonstrative force in the Asian American community. After the shooting of six Asian American women in the greater  Atlanta area, Amelia was a part of the Asian American community that planned an ad-hoc memorial site featuring images of the victims from the shooting of Asian American women in the Atlanta area.

Further, she has collaborated with the ICEO and OMP to create spaces and served as a panelist for her work with the Asian American community, contributing to AAI winning the OMESAC group of the year award. Amelia’s work in intersectional as she also works with LBGTQ+ Services as well as with Women’s and Gender Studies by writing and publishing the LBGTQ+ newsletter, redesigning their website, and designing social media. Please congratulate Amelia for being chosen as this cycle’s Distinguished Peer.