Student Awards

Thank you for your interest in learning more about our OME Student Awards. Throughout the academic year, we offer MIT students and organizations a variety of awards and amazing prizes. Please see below for more information. 


Distinguished Peers

Distinguished Peers

The Office of Minority Education recognizes 4 Distinguished Peers each academic year. There are five nomination categories for Distinguished Peers and four cycles throughout the academic school year. Apply here>>

Nomination Categories:


  1. Student has pursued entrepreneurial initiatives while at MIT.
  2. Demonstrated success in pioneering an innovative product/idea/service.

Public Service:

  1. Demonstrated service to others within the MIT community.
  2. Commitment to a mission driven organization and selfless service.

MIT Spirit:

  1. Commitment to strengthening the MIT community.
  2. Demonstrated MIT pride and enthusiastic participation in MIT events.

Performing Arts/Athletic Achievements:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to the performing arts and/or athletics.
  2. Engagement and/or participation with MIT performing arts groups or athletic teams.

Global Initiative and/or Experience:

  1. Demonstrated desire to participate in broad cultural experiences.
  2. Engagement and/or participation with MIT global programs/services.

Winners receive:

  • A $125 prize
  • A profile and publicity from the OME
  • A name plate on the Distinguished Peers Perpetual Plaque
  • Recognition and an award at the annual RISE Awards (formerly known as the Multicultural Awards Banquet)

Nominators of winners receive a $25 prize!

These nominations are only open to current undergraduate students (not alumni). Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis (see priority deadlines below) and all nominations are valid for one academic year.

Questions? distinguishedpeers [at] (distinguishedpeers[at]mit[dot]edu)

Chevron Prize

The Chevron Prize is awarded to a group of individual standout students. If selected as one of the awarded recipients, the Chevron prize will be $2,000 per student. Please review the information and requirements below to be considered. Apply here>>
Questions? Email iacmeprize [at] (iacmeprize[at]mit[dot]edu)


Each IACME Champion and Strategic Partner will select two recipients of their prizes. Each prize is $500 and over 25 prizes will be awarded! Apply here>>>


  • Professional, community, and leadership activities
  • Participation in at least 1 OME program/service
  • Strong academic standing (at least 4.0 GPA; waived for first-years)
  • Open to all undergraduates
  • Open to all majors
  • Previous winners may reapply!

Questions? Email iacmeprize [at] (iacmeprize[at]mit[dot]edu)

OMESAC Student Group of the Year Award

In order to recognize the contributions of our OME Student Advisory Council (OMESAC) Organizations and expand the benefits of membership, the OME has developed an award specifically for OMESAC groups: the OMESAC Student Group of the Year Award (previously known as the OMESAC Student Group of the Semester Award). This award will be given to one student organization each year which includes recognition on website/newsletters, a perpetual plaque in the OME, and a significant monetary contribution to the student organization. 

Criterion to Apply

The criterion to apply for the OMESAC Student Group of the Year Award are as follows:

  1. The student organization must be an active member of OMESAC; and
  2. The student organization has not won the OMESAC Student Group of the Year Award in the most recent academic year; and
  3. If the student organization has been awarded the OMESAC Student Group of the Year Award in a past academic year, they must address how the previous funding was utilized.

Please email gregjain [at] (gregjain[at]mit[dot]edu) with any questions.