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In addition to our many programs and services, the Office of Minority Education (OME) Deans also provide free, confidential advising for the support and enrichment of your MIT experience. You are welcome to make an appointment with the Deans at any time by contacting the OME at 617.253.5010 or ome [at] (omemit[at]mit[dot]edu). We can also provide information about referrals to other supportive offices at MIT.

Most Frequently Asked Questions During OME Parent/Student Reception

We provide answers to the most frequently asked and/or most relevant questions.

These and other FAQs can be found on the OME FAQ page.

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The Mind and Hand Book

Academic Integrity Handbook

Where to Turn to For Help, Just Ask

The idea behind is that you shouldn’t have to think about where to turn to for help, just ask, and we will help you get to the right resource. After you ask your question, a Student Support and Wellbeing team member will respond within the next business day and will stay in touch with you to ensure your question gets answered or you get referred to the right resource.

Stress and Time Management

A podcast series on health-related topics that matter to the MIT Community.

Other Resources


Women in STEM

An editorial exploration on the state of women in STEM with several interviews from women in the industry and a collection of scholarships

Career Guide for STEM

Featuring paths of study, specializations, job options, as well as an interview with a woman with 23 years of experience working in STEM

Women in Computing


Changing the Curve: Women in Computing

datascience@berkeley explores the history and influence of women in computing, and reviews the state of the gap between women and men in computing today.

Resources for Women in Computer Technology

This article reviews the history of women in computer science, current opportunities for women, and resources to help women explore and grow in computer science fields.