Laureates and Leaders

The Laureates & Leaders program is a graduate school initiative designed to encourage and support students, including those who are underrepresented in the sciences and engineering, in their quest to achieve a doctoral degree.

Thank you for your interest in Laureates & Leaders! The Class of 2026 cohort application is now closed. 

Please email laureatesleaders [at] with any questions!

The Laureates and Leaders Program is designed to encourage highly motivated and talented sophomore students, including those underrepresented or underserved in STEM fields during their pursuit of a graduate degree; specifically dual M.D./Ph. D. or Ph. D. programs. Students are identified by their interests in advanced studies and by their strong academic records at MIT.

Throughout the students' remaining undergraduate years, the Laureates and Leaders program helps participants prepare for graduate school by:

  • Connecting a group of select undergraduates who share an interest in attending graduate school.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with faculty, alumni, and graduate students through research talks and panels.
  • Providing financial subsidies to help offset the costs of graduate school preparation, including application fees, GRE test fees, conference registration, travel to graduate schools and more. 

Responsibilities of Laureates and Leaders’ students include:

  • Maintain a competitive GPA
  • Remain in the program from sophomore year until graduation
  • Perform and present research
  • Attend monthly workshops and events
  • Meet with a faculty mentor and Laureates and Leaders' staff
  • Apply to graduate school 

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Class of 2023

Class of 2022 group photo

2022 Senior Celebration group photo

Laureates and Leaders Class of 2022

Laureates and Leaders Class of 2022

 Laureates & Leaders Class of 2021. Photograph by Chris McIntosh.

Laureates & Leaders Class of 2020. Photograph by Iaritza Menjivar

Laureates & Leaders Class of 2020. Photograph by Iaritza Menjivar

Laureates & Leaders Class of 2021. Photograph by Iaritza Menjivar