Facilitated Study Group

Facilitated Study Group

The TSR^2 offers Facilitated Study Groups for MIT undergraduates who are interested in enhancing their problem-solving skills in a collaborative, judge-free small group environment. A TSR^2 facilitator will guide the biweekly study sessions focusing on core concept understanding and problem-solving techniques. Facilitated Study Groups provide the best outcomes when all participants actively engage in each session, thus partcipants are highly encouraged to attend regularly and come prepared to collaborate with one another.

TSR^2 Facilitated Study Groups:

  • Consist of 3-6 students per study group
  • Guided by a TSR^2 facilitator who is an advanced undergraduate or graduate student
  • Meet twice a week for 1hr throughout the semester
  • Meeting times are decided based on everyone's availability
  • Study groups can form at any point in the semester before Drop Date

Want to join a Facilitated Study Group?

Interested students should submit a Facilitated Study Group request for the subject they are interested in joining. Groups are created based on student interest (minimum of 3 students for one subject, first come first serve) and facilitator availability.

All TSR^2-hosted virtual interactions require compliance of MIT's online conduct policies described here.


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