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The Momentum Program is an interdisciplinary design class for first and second year students that takes place over the Independent Activities Period.

Momentum 2019 student application will open on September 17, 2018!

Momentum 2019 Teaching Assistant (TA) application will open on September 17, 2018!

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Momentum offers students an interdisciplinary perspective on solving some of the world's biggest challenges. Please check out the videos to the right to get a glimpse of our students in action. 

Details on the theme for Momentum 2018 will be forthcoming.

Students receive coursework during the first week of IAP then in the remaining weeks they will work in small teams to address the theme.  Students are provided access to lab space to work on their projects.  The course will culminate with group presentations to industry representatives.


  • Receive 6 units of credit
  • Solve a real world issue
  • Network  with corporate sponsors
  • Obtain hands on design experience
  • Opportunity to interview for summer internships

Quotes from Momentum participants:

"This was a really, really wonderful program, and I am so glad that I chose to commit my IAP to it. Many thanks to all of you who helped make Momentum happen! I am floored at the extent of it - from the guest lectures, to shop access at DLab and 38-530, to the TAs many many office hours, access to industry recruiters, and the incredible experience of presenting in Kresge!"

"[TA] and [TA] were wonderful TAs! It was very obvious that they really cared about the topic and they always helped my team whenever we encountered an obstacle. They made sure that everyone on the team understood the task, helped us debug our code, and answered any other questions that we had. The GECD workshops were very helpful and insightful, I particularly enjoyed the public speaking workshop.  It was very interesting to learn that small changes in posture or simply smiling can dramatically change the way information is delivered."


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