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Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2)

Fall 2021 UPDATE

The TSR^2 is open NOW!

The TSR^2 room (16-159) will be open for P-Set Nights and Exam Reviews

There will be no lounge hours this fall.



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All TSR^2-hosted virtual interactions will adhere to and require compliance of MIT's online conduct policies described here.


For more than 30 years, the Talented Scholars Resource Room (TSR^2) has provided academic support and resources to MIT undergraduate students in a variety of subjects, with a focus on first year General Institute Requirements (GIR’s). The TSR^2 is located in 16-159 and offers P-set nights, exam reviews, facilitated study groups and one-on-one appointments that are led by facilitators who are academically advanced undergraduates or graduate students. These academic resources are free of charge, and are available every semester. In addition the TSR^2 is a study lounge open to students everyday 8am-10pm, that provides students with a space for individual study, and serves as a place to lounge in between or after classes. For access to the TSR^2 room you must first have an OME account. Request one here!

In summary the TSR^2 provides:

Encouraging Success

Students who take advantage of the TSR^2 services will likely:

  • Improve their academic performance
  • Gain in-depth understanding of the material covered in class
  • Complete assignments more efficiently
  • Prepare for exams more thoroughly
  • Develop better study habits


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