Who is OME

Alumni Profiles

Andrea Fabre
Andrea graduated in June 2012 from the Department of Chemical Engineering.
All the people that introduced themselves from the OME were extremely friendly, willing to listen, and great at giving advice. My first impression...
Evelyn Zuñiga
Evelyn graduated in June 2013 from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
I believe my most memorable experience has to be the Interphase program: It allowed me not only to grow academically but to meet tons of other...
Geena Márquez
Geena received her degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences (Course 9) in 2010.
The OME staff wears many different hats. They are counselors, event planners, academic advisors, mentors, leaders, fitness gurus, and food experts....
Student Profile - Kristen Peña
Kristen is a senior in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. (Graduated in June 2012)
I was not at MIT for the fall of my junior year in order to be at home with my family during a difficult time. One day, I opened the front door of my...
Michael Thompson
Michael is an alumni of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. (Graduated in June 2012)
I want people to realize that the OME is here to help you in any facet of your experience at MIT and to encourage people to form relationships with...
Polina Bakhteiarov
Polina received a SB from MIT in 2010 in Planning (Course 11) and a second SB in Civil Engineering (Course 1) in 2011.
The OME is there as a resource for you! The sole purpose of the office is to serve students and if students do not take advantage of the available...