Who is OME

Distinguished Peers Nomination

Nominate yourself or a peer to be recognized as a Distinguished Peer!

Winners receive:

  • A $100 Amazon gift card ($125 if self-nominated)
  • A profile and publicity from the OME
  • A name plate on the Distinguished Peers Perpetual Plaque
  • Recognition and an award at the annual Multicultural Awards Banquet

Nominators receive a $25 Amazon gift card!

These nominations are only open to undergraduate students.
Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis (priority deadlines are the 15th of each month) and all nominations are valid for one academic year.

Questions? distinguishedpeers@mit.edu

Submission deadlines for AY2018-2019

Priority Deadline (11:59PM EST) Month of Recognition
August 15th Month of September
September 15th Month of October
October 15th Month of November
November 15th Months of December/January
January 15th Month of February
February 15th Month of March
March 15th Month of April
All previous winners Month of May
Nominee's Information

   A. Student will have pursued entrepreneurial initiatives. 
   B. Demonstrated success in pioneering an innovative product/idea/service. 

Public Service:
   A. Demonstrated service to others within the community at large. 
   B. Commitment to a mission driven organization, selfless service 

MIT Spirit:
   A. Commitment to strengthening the MIT community.
   B. Demonstrated MIT pride and enthusiastic participation in MIT events. 

Performing Arts/Athletic Achievements:
   A. Demonstrated commitment to the performing arts and/or athletics. 

Global initiative and/or experience:
   A. Demonstrated desire to have broad cultural experiences. 

Prestigious Fellows:
   A. Recipient of a major award, a notable academic achievement or fellowship, etc.